VOXEL-MAN 3D-Navigator: Inner Organs
Regional, Systemic and Radiological Anatomy

coverComenius Medalby Karl Heinz Höhne, Bernhard Pflesser, Andreas Pommert, Kay Priesmeyer, Martin Riemer, Thomas Schiemann, Rainer Schubert, Ulf Tiede, Hans Frederking, Sebastian Gehrmann, Stefan Noster, and Udo Schumacher.

DVD-ROM for Windows in English and German, Springer Electronic Media, New York, 2003, ISBN 978-3-642-10495-4.

"For many postgraduates, especially trainee radiologists, the views offer a valuable reference, since so many imaging techniques display mainly as cross-section slices."
R. M. Kirk, Journal of Anatomy (more reviews)

VOXEL-MAN 3D-Navigator: Inner Organs is an new kind of anatomical and radiological atlas. It is novel in at least two respects:

high resolution virtual body
model The program is based on a high resolution realistic body model based on the cross-sectional images of the Visible Human. It contains about 650 three-dimensional anatomical objects, mostly of the thorax and the abdomen, including nervous and cardiovascular systems.

table of contents These may be interactively expored and dissected in 19 interactive scenes. 8 of them are additionally available in stereoscopic (red/green) format. Here is a selection of partly interactive example scenes.

The anatomical nomenclature is available in Latin, English and German, and a manual is available in English and German.

knowledge base The integrated knowledge base allows the interrogation of the model from the viewpoints of regional and systemic anatomy as well as concerning the relation to the peritoneal cavity.

user interface You can easily interact with the model by mouse click: rotate, add/remote organs, interrogate, annotate, seek, ...

radiological manifestation browser The radiological manifestation of the organs can be viewed in the context of 3D anatomy.

stereo viewing (use red/green
glasses) Stereoscopic viewing is available for the key scenes - you can virtually see the objects coming out of your screen! Use red/green stereo glasses (included in the package).

working with the program

The program provides unique reference material not only for medical students, but also for professionals in all medical disciplines involving anatomy and radiology. However, also interested non-specialists can explore the inner structure of the human body using the 3D-Navigator.