Explore the Head of the Virtual Mummy

Note: In order to reduce transmission times, these QuickTime VR scenes were highly compressed, which results in a loss of quality. QuickTime players for MacOS and Windows can be downloaded from Apple.

[Scene 1] Scene 1:
A plane moves through the mummy's head, and the corresponding computer tomograms are displayed next to it.
[Scene 2] Scene 2:
The mummy's head opens along two cut-planes.
[Scene 3] Scene 3:
The mummy's head is unwrapped layer by layer.
[Scene 4] Scene 4:
The mummy's skull rotates in front of the background of the pyramids.
[Scene 5] Scene 5:
The mummy's head can be x-rayed in all directions.
[Scene 6] Scene 6:
The mummy's teeth may be examined in an "X-ray-window".

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