Skull of the Virtual Mummy


The skull of the deceased woman is very well preserved. Although, during the embalmment some teeth were loosened and separated from the jaw. Four incisors and a molar in the lower jaw, and two incisors in the upper jaw are missing. The missing teeth, though, were all found in the oral cavity.

Another damaged part is found in the area of the ethmoid bone. This bone plate was pierced with a mummification hook by the people who embalmed the mummy when they were removing the brain through the nose.

Skull sutures are also easily recognizable. The extent of their intermingling and their state of growth gives us information about the age of the woman. She was not much older than 30 years. Clues for the cause of her death are not present.

Further parts of the head: mask, ring of justification, linen cover, skull, ointment, stick, coffin.


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