VOXEL-MAN Junior: Brain and Skull (1995-1998)

VOXEL-MAN Junior: Brain and Skull, predecessor of the VOXEL-MAN 3D-Navigator: Brain and Skull anatomical atlas, was the first program built on the concept of "intelligent movies" for viewing highly complex anatomical scenes on any standard PC. This extension of Apple's QuickTime VR technology allows to inquire information of the anatomy, such as names in different languages or relations to other structures, by simply clicking on the image.

Unfortunately, this powerful program feature is not available in the following QuickTime VR example scenes.

Movie IconBrain with labeled structures
(920 kB)
Movie IconUnveiling deeper structures of the brain
(1.5 MB)
Movie Icon Correlation of MRI with deeper structures of the brain
(960 kB)
Movie IconExplosion of the skull
(1 MB)
Movie IconSimulation of X-ray imaging
(600 kB)
Movie IconCorrelation of MRI with Visible Human slices
(883 kB)


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  2. Karl Heinz Höhne, Kay Priesmeyer, Martin Riemer, Thomas Schiemann, Rainer Schubert, Ulf Tiede, Andreas Pommert, Hans-Christian Wulf: Exploring the Visible Human via "intelligent movies''. Radiology 201, P (1996), 564. (abstract).


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