VOXEL-MAN Tempo Simulator


Surgery Training, Next Level

VOXEL-MAN Tempo is a unique simulator for training surgical access to the complex and vulnerable structures of the middle ear. Using techniques of virtual reality and robotics, it provides a look and feel close to the real procedure. The system is based on virtual 3D models of the skull base, derived from high-resolution CT data. In addition, the user's own patient cases may be used for training.

VOXEL-MAN Tempo is ideally suited to gain a thorough understanding of the surgical approaches and greatly reduces the need for cadaveric specimens. It is used by leading universities and hospitals around the world. Following its predecessor TempoSurg, the latest version features an automatic skills assessment, bleeding and suction, online updates, and a compact setup with a 3D flat panel display.

Look and Feel

In VOXEL-MAN Tempo, patient and instruments are modeled in high resolution inside a computer and visualized on a 3D screen. The handpiece is represented by a force feedback device which can be moved freely in three dimensions and provides a very realistic haptic sensation. With VOXEL-MAN Tempo, you can actually feel the subtle differences between the different bony structures of the mastoid.

Instruments provided include a selection of metal and diamond burs of different shapes, which are activated by a foot pedal, as well as a suction device. At any time, the surgical site may be viewed from all sides, magnified as desired, and be inspected on orthogonal cross-sectional CT images.

Problem-Based Training

Predefined cases in VOXEL-MAN Tempo

Several pre-defined cases

VOXEL-MAN Tempo offers seven pre-defined training cases of the middle ear, with different anatomy and pathology. Each case is available as a left or right ear. Structures at risk, such as facial nerve, tympanic chord, vestibular labyrinth, cochlea, auditory ossicles, carotid artery, sigmoid sinus and dura, are highlighted. Optional support functions are available which facilitate orientation. These include immediate alerts when approaching critical structures, and a virtual surgical navigation system which allows to precisely track the movements of the instruments.

All procedures can be practiced as often as needed, with no costs for disposable parts. All activities and possible errors such as injuries of structures at risk are recorded for later inspection.

Tasks and Objective Skills Assessment

As a step further, VOXEL-MAN Tempo also includes an automatic skills assessment. Both process and result of a trainee`s preparation can be objectively evaluated, based on predefined tasks and master preparations. Hence, trainees get an immediate feedback on their work, progress over time can be monitored, and complementary self-studies become possible. Instructors are substantially relieved from supervision work.

My Cases

The VOXEL-MAN My Cases module allows you to create your own cases from CT or DVT for training or rehearsal. Within minutes, the system provides a bone model that can be drilled on. While the organs at risk are not marked, the landmarks in the 3D model and the simultaneously displayed cross-sectional views provide orientation for an advanced user.


VOXEL-MAN Tempo Simulator with housing

VOXEL-MAN is available with an optional housing. Two arm rests and an electrically adjustable height ensure a realistic and comfortable working position.



The properties described refer to different modules, some of which may be optional.

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